Toy Story Drop Cheats & Tips – Get free Coins

Toy Story Drop Cheats and Hacks that Work or Don’t

With perseverance, patience, time wasted, good tips and guides, you can play and unlock everything in Toy Story Drop without spending one real-life dollar.

Tip # 1 – Toy Story Drop cheats & hacks

Toy Story Drop Cheats

Among the first things I’ve checked are Toy Story Drop online generators. In case you do not know what I’m talking about you can find a lot of these on the internet. Finally we found one , we added 1,000 coins to test and surprise, 0 coins in our game account. But wait, you’re saying that those online hacks are not working? No, don’t waste your time with them.

Tip # 2 – Think ahead of your move

Game levels in Toy Story Drop are actually not period orientated, they are move structured. Which means you have to complete the levels in a specific number of movements or you will fail. Every move count and invest some time looking around the table to consider a combo.

Tip # 3 – Toy Story Drop cheats code

As you know Toy Story Drop is a free game published by Big Fish Games, and you are not forced to spend any money to play it. But at the end of the day, developers have to make money to keep their online servers alive, add new content, new updates (puzzles and so on) and have a small profit. That’s why they’re trying to sell items using coins as a trading in their virtual store. Having cheat codes that unlock everything for free does not help their business model, right?

Let’s discuss a little about cheats for Toy Story Drop. A lot of players are thinking about how can actually obtain extra coins or lies with simple specific codes inputs? Surely, cheat codes can be found in games right from the start of this industry. Lately, they are hiding them in most of modern video games to let place for micro trasactions and loot box. Today each player have the decision to spend real cash or make use of Toy Story Drop hacks. If a new player choose the “legit method” he/she can purchase coins from the game shop or provide an n amount of money to eliminate the ads and waiting times. But, if you would like to enjoy Toy Story Drop without spending any money, you can download Toy Story Drop apk mods or just input a code from the list bellow:

  • 500 coins – TSD4Sg2VQ
  • 1000 coins – TSDwD33bR
  • 2000 coins – TSDtB6j7E
  • 3000 coins – TSDF0osNn
  • 5 free lives – TSLmrX53Q
  • 5 free lives – TSDe6mReN0

If you’re a little scared , don’t worry , you will still find enough guides and hacks for Toy Story Drop that will be really helpful.

Tip # 4 – Make combinations

A mixture is normally when you match four or even more tiles jointly and a power-up is certainly spawned. This power-up could be a rocket, a jack in the container or perhaps a disco ball. The result of these power-ups is a lot more useful than simply complementing three of the same colored gems.

Also you can combine even the combos. In challenging levels, you need to create as much power-ups as possible, and leave them alone. In this manner you can combine two power-ups together for an enormous attack that may wipe the whole board. Even though you don’t obtain two power-ups in touching length, setting one off could cause a chain reaction.

Tip # 5 – Toy Story Drop Cheats, Avoid madness

A definition of insanity can be when a person repeats the same move over and over looking for a different result. This pertains to match-threes in even more ways compared to the obvious. In the event that you can’t appear to complete a level, then approaching it the same, again and again, isn’t useful. When you fail, keep coming back with a different strategy, you can be lucky with persistence nonetheless it gets frustrating.


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