The Endless series can be played for free on Steam

The Endless series can be played for free on Steam

If you’re craving a 4X grandpa this weekend, then you’ll find something good on Steam that will quench your thirst. Three games in the Endless series are currently free on the digital distribution service, and two of them are pretty good 4X strategies.

You will be able to button until Monday Endless Space 2, Endless Legend, and for fans of the armed catacombs, you have Dungeon of the Endless. I’d like to give you more details about them, but I didn’t play Legend, Space 2 was buttoned up for an hour, and about Dungeon I forgot about everything you could forget in the last 6 years.

The games are also available at a reduced price during this period, if you want to continue the adventures after the free period expires. This is also a good opportunity to see what the style of games produced by Amplitude is, because this year they will try to catch up with Firaxis, by launching a historical 4X, in the form of Humankind.


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