Terra Invicta received the first trailer

The creators of The Long War are preparing their own game

10 years ago, if you wanted a UFO / X-Com style game, you had to dig through a bunch of very, very small budget titles. That’s right, some were good, others had interesting ideas, but they didn’t seem to be able to meet that need for anti-alien tactics. Even when the X-Com series was reborn, in the form of XCOM, it wasn’t quite what it was. But then, a few enthusiastic guys created a game called The Long War, which made the game much, much more interesting. And now, they have unveiled the first trailer for their own game, Terra Invicta.

No, it’s not their own X-Com variant. It is a Grand Strategy type game, in which you will control the fate of the human race, in its expansion through the solar system in order to defend itself from threats from beyond the sky. But until you can conquer other planets, you must make sure that the various factions of the Earth will not give you a headache, gearing against you politically, economically and most likely militarily.

In Terra Invicta you will have large-scale strategy, interstellar battles, as well as a Kickstarter funding campaign that should be announced soon. The game does not have a release date yet, but will have one after it is funded.


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