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Talking Tom Hero Dash Hacks, Strategy Guides and Tips

Forget about any Talking Tom Hero Dash Cheats. Let me reveal a few simple suggestions and guides for the limitless runner mobile game Talking Tom Hero Dash. Consult below to understand in how many ways you can get Coins, Gems, Credits, and more. Unlock new character types and their clothes by cleaning the worlds from enemy raccoons. Run and generate Multipliers to improve your High Scores as well!

If most people love taking part in Talking Tom Gold Run, you are going to want Talking Tom Hero Dash in your limitless runner mobile phone video game collection too! It’s an awesome, simple to play game ideal for all gamers!

Some Basic Info and Controls

Dash Basic Info and Controls

Basic controls are Swipe Up to jump, Down to slide, Left or Right while in midair to change lanes. Perform an AoE assault that can strike multiple targets in the front, including close by enemies. It may also be utilized to grab nearby stuff like “Coin Pots” on the floor. Use this technique if you would like to land your hero to the ground from midair immediately.

Save Option

Save Option

View a video ad to keep running (recommended). This is actually goo specially when you want to farm fast Coins. You can also use Credits, but this is optional.

Use of Power-Ups

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  • Coin Magnet: Automatically grabs all coins aside from Coin Pots (10 seconds duration).
  • x2 Coins: Doubles all close by Coins (10 seconds duration).
  • Shield: Saves you from damage (10 duration). Could also be used to apparent enemies and obstacles by bumping into obstacles.
  • Booster Batteries: Make use of character’s skill to damage all obstacles and enemies, also grabs all items on the way.
  • Consumable items which can be triggered through the initial couple of seconds of your run.
  • Multiplier Booster: Focus on +10 reward Multiplier, great if you would like to receive higher Scores.
  • Speed Booster: Increases the pace|speed. Scores will auto adapt too. That is good if you would like to blitz through and pass the slow pace begin, but Speed Booster won’t auto gather Coins though. Boosters can be acquired from Special Occasions as benefits, Chests, and from the Spinning Roulette.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Gameplay Tips

Changing Worlds

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Once you unlock the next World, Portals will begin to appear randomly while running. Each World includes a corresponding portal color: Ex: 1 World (blue portal with structures icon) and 2 World (green portal with palm trees icon). Advice: Getting into Portals would offer you some free of charge space to perform. Select Worlds you are comfortable with, also great if you are targeting high Scores!

Sometimes it is the only way to removes obstacles is to strike those big raccoons. You may also make use of or spam “Jump -> Down” to execute an AoE strike and hit them quicker from a distance.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Cheats – Freebies

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Spinning Roulette

By Spinning Roulette you have the following benefits: Gems, Coins, Credits and Boosters. In case you are patient more than enough, it is possible to earn adequate amounts of Gems and Credits right here. Jackpot is the best, but it’s very uncommon to hit though.

Score Multipliers

Make use of Coins and Gems t drive out enemies and save the town, also to improve your Score Multipliers. Sometimes, Talking Tom Hero Dash would also give you to view a video ad as option to get Coins.

Free Coins

Can be quickly obtained from runs, concentrate on farming coins to create things faster. Gather Coin Magnets and x2 Coins Power-ups to assist you through the game.

Free Coins and Gems

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Complete Special Missions from the Main display (unlocks after getting Angela and unlocking the next World). There are limited events, so make an effort to complete them prior to the time expires. Coins and Gems can also be obtained from the Spinning Roulette by watching video ads, or from Chests. You can even convert your Coins into Gems utilizing the limited period “Currency Exchange” special event. So no need for Talking Tom Hero Dash cheats.

Unlock New Character Types and Worlds

Unlock New Character Types and Worlds

Raccoons are destroying and polluting the globe and it’s your duty to remove them away to ensure that you can rebuild and tidy up. Once each area is cleaned up, it’s time to handle the Raccoon Boss. Defeat him and you can go to next running world!


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