Square Enix announces at E3 an Avengers game

avengers the game

Square Enix has confirmed that he will officially announce the Avengers game during his press conference at E3 2019. Marvel’s Avengers is developed by EIDOS Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, but suppose we could see a cinematic trailer or maybe even one of the gameplay during the Square Enix conference.

The Square Enix E3 2019 event will start on June 11th at night at June 10 at 6 PM PT and will be broadcast online. You can watch the live stream here: https://sqex.link/e3. We hope that, in addition to Marvel’s Avengers game, Square Enix will also provide more details about Final Fantasy 7 Remake or whether the publisher will confirm its availability and on your PC or not.

From what we know so far, Marvel’s Avengers is designed for players all over the world and will benefit from all the iconic characters, locations, and moments that have delighted fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely new and original story, it will introduce a universe where players can play for years from now on.


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