Saints Row 2 will be repaired

In 2008, Volition boasted that their new game wasn’t as boring as GTA 4. And then, when it came time to launch Saints Row 2 on PC, they somehow managed to make a bigger disaster than GTA 4. That’s how it stayed all these years. But that will change soon enough.

Volition announces that it has found the source code for Saints Row 2 and has begun the process of building a new PC version of the game, which will be available on Steam. No release date has been set at this time, but only two people are working on it. Their work will not be easy. In the first phase, it must make the game more functional and compatible with contemporary hardware and operating systems. Then they will have to redo the multiplayer mode in order to use Steamworks instead of the old Gamespy.

And when it is released, Saints Row 2 will be available with its DLC, Ultor Exposed and Corporate Warfare, which have never been released on PC. You know, because it was fashionable in the old days for certain companies not to release chunks for the PC game.


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