Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is free for a week on Steam

Those who miss a tropical environment can enjoy this week with Rising Storm 2 Vietnam on Steam because the game is currently free.

For a full week, you’ll be able to click on it and enjoy the multiplayer battles that can accommodate up to 64 players. As you can imagine by the name of the game, you will have somewhat asymmetrical experience, since a faction has helicopters and another one has to do without.

Being partially accomplished by the people responsible for a moment for the Red Orchestra series, you can expect a certain level of authenticity, maybe realism and verosimilitude.

The game will not remain permanent, so if you want to continue to have access to Rising Storm 2 Vietnam next week, you will have to buy it. Even if Steam Summer Sale 2019 has expired, the game can be bought at the price of just 7.58 euros.

Source: Steam


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