A new season in Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides

What’s new in Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Shifting Tides

What's new in Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Shifting Tides

A new season is about to start in Rainbow Six Siege, called Shifting Tides. This time we have two new characters, a few other changes, as well as a new version of the Theme Park map. If we’re lucky, it’ll be a great remake, not Herreford Base 2.

The new operators do not come from a particular nation, but from an independent military organization, and their arsenal seems to be causing some major changes in player tactics. Operator Kali comes with a rifle and a manual reload after each fire. His sniper weapon makes Glaz’s weapon look like an anemic mosquito bite, because it can break multiple walls, has an adjustable rear sight and is more lethal than Glaz’s. A shot in the trunk instantly breaks down an enemy, leaving him helpless and very easy to pick up with one more shot. However, the weapon would have two disadvantages. It is slow and leaves a very easy to see trail of smoke leading directly to Kali. But it also comes equipped with an explosive projectile that can dig through hardened walls, exploding at both ends. In effect, it can destroy equipment attached to walls, such as batteries, or close to them, such as Mute’s ECMs.

Kali is a very versatile sniper, gravely biting Glaz’s utility and sometimes IQ, Thatcher and Twitch.

Wamai, a defender who seems to be a late Jager. It can place devices similar to those of the German almost anywhere, even on the ceiling. But they will not destroy the grenades and arrows in the beam, but will capture them, like a magnet, reset their countdown, and detonate them there. So, for example, such a device can be thrown out of a window, and if enemies don’t notice it before throwing a grenade, they may wake up with an unpleasant surprise.

The operators can be acquired with the coins won in the game, or bought with R6 Credits and are unlocked one week earlier for those who bought season 4 of the game.

Shifting Tides doesn’t have a release date yet, but if we look back on the game’s history, it will probably arrive in the first week of December.


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