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Recently I started to test all the Need for Speed No Limits cheats to show which one you should use and which is just a waste of time.

With over 50 million downloads Need for Speed No Limits is one of the most played racing games from Google Play. Recently I played the Need for Speed No Limits game, it was pretty fun and exciting first but after a few levels the eternal micro-transactions started to pop-up. Annoyed by this, I decided to give you three simple tips that will help you increase the number of gold in the game.

Hacks & Cheats that Work and Don’t

Need for Speed No Limits Cheats

With perseverance, patience, time wasted, tips and guides, you can play and unlock everything in NFSNL without spending a real-life dollar.

Tip # 1 – Need for Speed No Limits cheats & hacks

Among the first things I’ve checked are Need for Speed No Limits cheats. In case you do not know what I’m talking about you can find a lot of these on the internet, as I was not going to invest any money in this game. Finally I found one , I added 10,000 gold to test and surprise, 0 gold in my account. But wait, you’re saying that those online hacks are not working? No, don’t waste your time with them.

Tip # 2 – Using Need for Speed No Limits cheats code

need for speed no limits crate cheats

As you know NFSNL is a free game published by EA, and you are not forced to spend any money to play it. But at the end of the day, developers have to make money to keep their servers alive, add new content, new updates (cars, maps, skins and so on) and have a small profit. That’s why they’re trying to sell items using Gold as a trading coin in their virtual store. Having cheat codes that unlock everything for free does not help their bussiness model, right?

If you’re a little scared , don’t worry , you will still find enough hacks for Need for Speed No Limits that will help boosting your career as a professional driver.

Tip #3 – Trick to get save games and event tickets back

need for speed no limits profile cheats

This method is a bit harder to use, but if you really want to make sure you do not lose your Need for Speed No Limits tickets, it really works. NFSNL provides you with the ability to load the progress of the game into the EA cloud server. The process is not automatic, so you will need to access the player profile and choose the Cloud Save Management option.

Well, right now before each event you have to upload the game saves manually, and if you have not won the event race and want to try again just manually download the old save and upload it in the game. This method can be repeated whenever you want.


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