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Monster Legends cheats for and easy progression. 5 fast tips to get gems, gold & food for a faster level up.

Monster Legends is a game made by Social Point, this developer delighted us in the past with other games such as Dragon City, Dragon Land, Tasty Town and Word Life – Crossword Puzzles. The inspiration for Monster Legends comes from the old Pokemon games, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Pokemon has been and continues to be a popular series around the world, being an ancestor of this genre. Monster fighting games have been made popularly by Pokemon, but like other games of the same genre, all of them are sharing same basic functions and mechanics, and here Monster Legends is no exception.

Monster Legends is a nice game, but it can become more fun when you make a successful strategy and you will stay with it. Follow the tips and tricks below to become a true Monster Legends Master.

Tip 1 – Monster Legends Cheats for elements!

monster legends elements

Monster battles have a lot to do with the power, strength and attention you give to your little monster, but elements are the ones that will determine the outcome of the battles. Monsters and their abilities have certain elements and each has weak points and specific strengths that never change.

For this reason, it is important to know the elements of your monsters before sending them against the enemy. If you play against other players, this is much harder to do. When you play against monsters controlled by AI for rewards and currency, knowing the elements will surely make ensure a victory.

  • Water – weak against thunder, strong against fire
  • Fire – weak against water, strong against nature
  • Nature – weak against fire, powerful against magic
  • Magic – weak against nature, powerful against light
  • Light – weak against magic, strong against darkness
  • Darkness – weak against light, strong against the earth
  • Earth – weak against dark, strong against thunder
  • Thunder – weak against the ground, strong against water

These elements can help you much more than any other knowledge in this game. Just by remembering these you will become a much better player and you will win most battles in Mobile Legends.

Tip 2 – Don’t be lazy, keep the island clean

monster legends clean

We have to admit, cleaning is boring! Whether it’s your personal room, the hallway or anything else, this is nothing more than a necessary job. I think the last thing you want when you play a game is to clean up. Well in Monster Legends, however, you should do this quite often. Using workers, bushes, temples, farms and other less important buildings must be removed. Freeing space on the island after cleaning is not the only benefit, you will earn XP for every natural obstacle eliminated.

Tip 3 – Take care of the fields

monster legends farm

The game is based on a level up like reality, with food being one of the greatest necessities. Food will help you to quickly level up monsters in need to survive in Monster Legends battles. You can evolve your monsters just by feeding. Their growth in level does not only provide them with a visual evolution but also ensures the increase of power, life, speed and stamina.

The farms on your island allows you to grow your own crops. At first you can build only one farm, then you can build others as you grow in the level. You can reach a total of 14 farms when you reach level 55. Farms can be upgraded using gold, the first upgrade requires: level 9 and 25,000 gold. On a farm, you can grow three types of food Sea Grapes, Sweet Pepper and Blue Lizard’s Tail, each with their own cost in Gold and waiting time. Food can be obtained from daily bonuses, AI battles, mutiplayer, but also by buying it from the Shop with gems.

Tip 4 – Monster Legends cheats, get gems and gold for free

Get gems and gold for free

There are many ways to win gems and gold in Monster Legends. You can get free gold from the winning reward (when you win a battle), leveling up your account or by completing goals, daily missions, achivements and looting your monsters habitat once in a while.

Another way to win free loot is the roulette. At the end of each battle, if you defeat the enemy, you will receive a free spin on the roulette where you can get free gems, gold, pandaken and food.

Free loot can also be obtained by logging in with a Facebook account. And if you do this invite your friends to play this game, this is a good way to share gifts and get awesome rewards.

Tip 5 – Learn to spend your gems

Learn to spend your gems

As a beginner you’re probably wondering what to spend all your gems on? My advice for a new account is to wait, collect the gems, if you don’t spend any of them, after level 20 you will receive an offer on the right side with upgrades and buildings at half price. Now that the prices are cut in half, you have to upgrade to Hactheri, buy Ultra Breeding Tree (this will allow you to breed two different sets of monsters at a time) and finally buy workers to remove obstacles faster. Don’t spend your gems on epic, rares or any other stuff like that and absolutely never don’t waste them on special offers made by the game.


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