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The number one question that most Mobile Legends players probably have to ask is how to win the ranked matches without Mobile Legends Bang Bang Cheats. But don’t worry, we are here to help you in becoming a better player in this game. Though there are much to learn in this game, you have to focus on a few key issues to get a guaranteed victory, or at least learn some useful things that will help you along the way. So, here are 10 tips that I think any Mobile Legends player must follow to win the ranked games.

10 Mobile Legends Bang Bang Cheats & Tips to use in Rank Games

Tip 1 – Mobile Legends Bang Bang Cheats The Item Build

mobile legends bang bang items

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes in Mobile Legends is the wrong choice of hero’s items. Most of the players on Mobile Legends tend to follow the construction suggested by the game. Some even try to copy the best players that have good build.

First, you have to think that each game is different. You will face different enemies all the time, and an element that will help you now will not be in your favor all the time. Experiment with different constructions in different scenarios and see what are the best results for your hero. As a reminder, do this in the classic mode or if you do not want to take any risk, play with bots.

Tip 2 – Be aware of the map

mobile legends bang bang map

Most of the players I’ve seen in Rank are not always aware of what’s going on in their ranks. Always throw one eye on the map, because it can save your life. You have to look at the map as much as possible.

By doing this you will be able to see when someone is missing from the middle of the corridor and see if it is appropriate to be aggressive when pushing lanes. You have to play safely here, you need to know when to push and when not. You will get used to this over time.

Tip 3 – Blue Buff – Take it if you use some of heroes

mobile legends bang bang blue buff

Take Blue Buff only if your hero really needs a buff. Any hero can take Blue Buff, but you should give priority to your teammates who really need them.

Some examples of heroes that depend on Blue Buff: Fanny, Hayabusa and Karina. Do not be greedy and help your teammate who needs Blue Buff.

Tip 4 – Play with friends or with people you know

mobile legends bang bang friends

We can see quite easily those people who are playing with friends have a much better rate of winning compared to other players. Try to keep the party at a maximum of 3, because you will play with teams that have the same number of party players as you.

Sometimes, when you play Rank mode and your team wins the game, the others will usually invite you in the next round. They usually invite the whole team. We noticed that whenever we play with 5 players in the party, we lose the round. The main reason is that we are fit with 5 other people who are also in the party in the enemy team. Tell the invite not if you are already 3 of you. With the other 2 people at your party, the next game will be a lot more difficult.

Tip 5 – Avoid using heroes that you do not know how to play in ranked

mobile legends bang bang fanny

I’m pretty sure everyone here is having the same problem. Usually one of the players will choose Fanny to train in ranked. You should all report him! Never play with a hero you cannot know how to use in rank!

To become better, train your hero in the classic mode or with AI. Once you learn the basics and feel comfortable with your hero, you know what items you need for him, then you can start using him in ranked.

Tip 6 – In Rank Epic or higher, your priority is to choose always has the best heroes

mobile legends bang bang rank

If you play in draft mode, try to always give priority to tanks and marksman, as they are usually the strength of each team. You must first choose them before the enemy. Currently, there are several essential tanks. For example: Minotaur, Hylos, Johnson, Akai, and Gatotkaca are among the tanks that you should regularly use in ranking.

Tip 7 – You must take the Lord at the right time

mobile legends bang bang lord

Capturing Lord in the game can give your team a great advantage. Always remember, capture the Lord at the right time. For example: If enemies are dead, you and your team should rush to capture the Lord if creeps are not near enemy turrets.

You can also listen for the specific sound that the Lord makes when is attacked by an enemy. Make sure you and your team rush to his position to reject the enemy attack. If you fail to do this, be sure to clean all the corridors, because the super creepers can destroy all the turrets.

Tip 8 – Always destroy the turrets and towers first

Always destroy the turrets

All Mobile Legends players should know this thing. The destruction of turrets and towers is very important in this game. You should conquer the turrets just before the first kill! Taking the last turret is of great importance. Pressure your team all the time to take the turrets first, especially the last ones.

Tip 9 – Do not surrender – you never know when a comeback occurs

Do not surrender

Comebacks are 100% real in any game, and here Mobile Legends is no exception. A single mistake by the enemy can bring you and your team a very easy victory. These are the best wins you can have in a game. So do not give up so easy you never know for sure if you will lose or not.

Tip 10 – Be friendly with your team even when you lose

Be friendly with your team

Remember that Mobile Legends is a team game, you can not play solo. Defeat your enemies if the circumstances are in your favor. Communicate with the team in the game and be friendly, this is a game and you have to have fun.

Bonus Tip – Mobile Legends Bang Bang Cheats

Maybe sometimes you’ve lost matches and the stress has prompted you to search for Mobile Legends Bang Bang cheats on the internet, I know how it is, we all been at this moment. You have probably come across various websites that promise you Diamonds and Coins for free. Well, do not use such websites, most of them will just waste your time without any results. Oh yes, and there’s the risk of being banned. Mobile Legends Bang Bang cheats are not a solution! So stay away from them! Cheers!


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