Minecraft Earth enters the beta stage

The next Minecraft game is one step closer. Minecraft Earth will enter this month in the beta test, which means that everyone who wants to participate should already be heading to the registration page.

The beta will initially be available for the iOS version of the game, namely, iOS 10 minimum, and then available for Android as well. You’ll need to have a device that uses at least Android 7 to make the game work. Your phone / tablet must have AR support. In addition to effective hardware, a Microsoft or Xbox Live account is also required.

After you register for this test, you will have to wait and see if you receive an invitation. If you’re lucky, then you’d better play it frequently, because the number of seats available in this Closed Beta is limited, and those staying for nothing for a week will be removed from the test, their place found by others players. The test will cover the whole globe, not just the US, if you were curious.

The final version, or at least one Open Beta, of Minecraft Earth should be available over the coming months.


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