Microsoft and Sony share the rights for a game

A very strange thing, Sony, along with the other competitor in the game console market, Microsoft, have come to share a property that no one thinks they care about at this point.

After purchasing Insomniac Games last month, Sony finally confirmed that it owns the rights to all the properties that this studio has developed. These include Sunset Overdrive, the 2014 game that was initially exclusive to the Xbox One until it was ported to the PC last year. But it seems that Microsoft still holds the publishing rights, while Sony owns the game itself.

In a discussion with the Japanese publication Inside Games, Sony Interactive Enternainment president, Shuhei Yoshida said that “SIE owns the rights over all Insomniac Games projects.” However, the company does not seem interested in any arrangement to bring Sunset Overdrive and PlayStation 4. Yoshida added that he is only interested in the future titles that the studio will develop.

Aside from that, a possible porting on PS4 would be difficult, as PlayStation and Xbox are direct competitors. What’s more, a sequel comes out because Sunset Overdrive didn’t sell well. Sony bought Insomniac to continue work for Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank. Sunset Overdrive, however, is something that is technical, could be redone, but is probably placed very low on the list of priorities.

Source: Destructoid


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