Humble Monthly Bundle has some great games

The new Humble Monthly Bundle promotion has been announced, giving you the chance to get a handful of games at a price of $ 12.

For this amount you will receive Kingdom Come Deliverance, an immersive immersive RPG placed in the medieval period of Europe, alongside Surviving Mars, a sort of city builder on the red planet. Along with these two games will come some more on August 2. KCD and SM will be yours as soon as you pay the 12 euro fee, the rest arriving next month.

Humble Monthly Bundle has some great games

On this occasion, the games from the promotion last month were also revealed. In addition to Hellblade and Moonlighter, Road Redemption, Warhammer 40K Mechanicus, Love is Dead, 60 Parsescs, Nairi Tower of Shirin, and something called Kind Words.

Your subscription at Humble Monthly can be canceled or paused at any time if you wish to drop it, but you will keep all the games received. Not only that, but you also get access to a collection of DRM titles that you can download and play anyway anytime you want.

Source: HumbleBundle


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