Half Life received a patch from Valve

Valve has released a new bug and security update for Half Life

Half Life received a patch from Valve

Valve may or may not work on Half Life 3, but he is definitely still working on the first title of the series. 4 days ago, at 20 years, 10 months and 19 days after the launch of Half Life, Valve released a new update that fixes a lot of minor problems.

Below you will find attached the complete list with the changes brought by the new patch:

Fixed the monitor refresh rate setting via -freq when used with -nofbo
Fixed unnecessary rescaling of textures with NPOT textures
Fixed the slist command, which will show you the servers on your local network
Fixed wrong results in SV_ClipToLinks (HL # 1685)
Corrected the inability to reload a certain weapon emptied after reloading a rescue
Fixed MP5 bullet spread
Fixed progress bar for resources that only download and display 100%
Added auto-save for a few quartz (HL # 2237)
Fixed the lack of location in the viewer interface
Fixed the NPC return rate to over 60FPS
Rearranged the columns in the server browser to prevent the use of the game description as a fake number of players
Fixed the ability of players to use sv_cheats in a multiplayer game
Added the cl_autowepswitch cvar with values ​​0/1 to enable / disable automatic weapon change when taken from the ground
Fixed various problems with animations / sounds of weapons
Security updates for console commands
Security updates for loading resources
Security updates for saving / uploading

Of course, none of these minor changes will make it through a Half Life wonder on the Steam Top 100, even if it manages to maintain a robust player base right now, despite its age. The funny part is somehow we can see problems that are so old, only repaired now. After all this time, for example, the spread of MP5 bullets in singleplayer and multiplayer was inadvertently reversed. The columns in the server browser were reorganized to prevent the falsification of the number of players, but I think that was a problem in 2001 rather than a rush.

The patch for Half Life comes a few weeks after a similar and equally surprising update was released for Half Life 2. I find it funny to see how Valve still gives signs of life from time to time as if we are preparing for Something specific. Did they learn to count to 3? We’ll see in time.


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