GTA Online receives a casino

Rumors have been continuing for several years that GTA Online will receive new content from one day to another. True content! The rest of San Andreas ‘ map will be added. That Liberty City will be added. It’s going to open that casino that’s been locked up for six years.

GTA Online receives a casino

Eh, this last part is really going to come true. After the public has already abandoned any hope that it will still receive something really new, which will not only imply a pair of shoes or a car with a price of saying that you have to buy the game twice, even get something new!

The Diamond Casino and Resort will be opened in the near future, promising prizes that “can change lives”. What exactly that means is not clear, considering that we are talking about a game where you can pay a sum of money to shoot an orbital laser in the city, but if you steal a car too expensive you can not keep it, because… Is… Too… Illegal?

More details will be announced in the near future. Rockstar promises that the new update of GTA 5/GTA Online will be available this summer. Hopefully it will add new things to do, not just more methods to stay without the very slow money to obtain.

Source: Rockstargames


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    I can’t wait till this update comes out

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