Free PS Plus games in August

After seeing in a previous article what free games will delight Microsoft customers who have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, now is the time to see the offer from Sony. All I can tell you is that August is a good month for lovers of free games.

Last month was a bit strange, as Sony announced that it will offer free PES 2019, which was later removed from the list at the last minute to be replaced by Detroit: Become Human. The other game of July was Horizon Chase Turbo, an arcade that everyone probably played for about five minutes until they cleaned like a stain on HDDs.

Free PS Plus games in August

The games of August are WipeOut Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4. This news comes somewhat unexpectedly after all July, we have seen various speculations, as Sony will launch PES 2019 because there are many gamers who wanted it last month, as well we should expect an exclusive title as an excuse from Sony, users on profit pointing to God of War or The Order: 1886.

I also saw a leak from Glitched Africa that would have discovered through a PlayStation Store error that this month’s free games will actually be EA Sports UFC 3 and Star Wars Battlefront II as a “holiday” to launch EA Access service on PlayStation 4.

Apparently, it was not to be, neither for those who wanted to make friends in UFC 3 or Star Wars, nor for those who dreamed of free God of War and not even for PES 2019 fans who would have downloaded it. with pleasure last month if Sony did not replace it at the last moment.


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