Fortnite swallowed by a black hole

The end of season 10 destroyed the game world

Fortnite swallowed by a black hole

Fortnite, one of the biggest games in the world at the moment, only that it is no longer playable yesterday afternoon. Waiting for the new season to begin, Fortnite seems to be heading into a completely different environment, because the world they all knew ended in a difficult way to imagine, so most gamers are of the opinion that the game will play out. a new map is finished.

It was an unprecedented event in gaming, and it all started when the meteorite, which has been on top of the map since the beginning of season 10, began to move, destroying the entire map. From then on, players could no longer play, and all they did was stare at a black hole that swallowed absolutely everything that represented the game world. There were some signs of activity, but no one knows for sure what will happen. But as long as you wait, you can enter the Konami code and you can play an arcade in Space-Invaders style.

Those who were not logged in during the event, not only realized that it is impossible to enter; the lobby and game menus were also swallowed by the black hole. At one point, Fortnite’s Twitter account deleted all posts, and the Epic dedicated Trello page failed. Meanwhile, PlayStation has released a press release confirming that all V-Bucks and money invested in the game have not been lost.

It is nothing more than an extended downtime, but still linked to the world in a continuous change from Fortnite. The in-game event is currently being watched by millions of people on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Twitter, and rumors about a new map are beginning to appear more credible, even if no one has any reliable information. Prior to this event, a new storyline was launched. It talks about seven travelers who have broken the timeline; this information was included in in-game missions that included finding audiologists to find out more details.

At this point, all that was left of Fortnite is a black hole, and everything I knew about the game seems to have been swallowed up by it. The site is gone, the social accounts are empty, the game is broken and it seems that it has simply disappeared from the face of the earth. Now it remains to be seen just what will happen in the days ahead.


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