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Evolution continues. The long-awaited sequel of the strike well-known sci-fi game has gone out! It tells you a tale about the universe of Utopia from another position. The next episode reproduces the initial atmosphere of the Evolution that an incredible number of players found and love. The gameplay of the Evolution 2 has changed significantly, turning out to be an intense mixture of the third-person top-down shooter, action, strategy and RPG! Stay with us and read about Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia cheats.

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia Cheats and Hacks that Work or Don’t

With perseverance, patience, time wasted, good tips and guides, you can play and unlock everything in Evolution 2 without spending a real-life dollar.

Tip # 1 – Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia cheats & hacks

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia cheats

Among the first things I’ve checked are Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia online generators. In case you do not know what I’m talking about you can find a lot of these on the internet. Finally we found one , we added 10,000 gems to test and surprise, 0 gems in our game account. But wait, you’re saying that those online hacks are not working? No, don’t waste your time with them.

Tip # 2 – Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia cheats code

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia cheats code

As you know Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia is a free game published by My.Com BV., and you are not forced to spend any money to play it. But at the end of the day, developers have to make money to keep their online servers alive, add new content, new updates (guns, skins and so on) and have a small profit. That’s why they’re trying to sell items using gems as a trading coin in their virtual store. Having cheat codes that unlock everything for free does not help their bussiness model, right?

If you’re a little scared , don’t worry , you will still find enough guides and hacks for Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia that will help boosting your K/D.

Tip # 3 – Prioritize The Most Crucial Objectives

Just like the opening battles you’ll be immersed in, primary missions are denoted by an exclamation stage on the map that you utilize. Each area for the primary mission is made up of a number of stages even though each one consumes endurance but benefits you with experience points and also some products, the last stage, which may be the boss battle, supplies the top rewards.

Objectives you have to accomplish to advance in the game usually do not revolve completely on participating in a number of battles. Some just need you to initiate some activities on the other top features of Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia. To make sure that you are on the right course, be sure to continuously check the existing objective by simply clicking the exclamation stage on the top left part of your screen. Remember that while you are extremely much free to perform as you want following the tutorial, sticking with the completion of missions and unlocking even more features would be a much better option.

When you do gain knowledge points, valuable assets, and scientific improvement from each fight you engage in, primary missions provide more points for scientific progress. That is one of the primary determinants of improvement in the game as each fresh level you reach associated with scientific progress unlock brand-new weapons, armor, and such additional features for analysis and development.

Tip # 4 – Avoid the reddish colored areas and arriving grenades

Avoid the reddish colored areas and arriving grenades

In relation to the prior point pointed out, I must say these are probably the most effective attacks that you need to dodge no matter what. Some boss monsters will charge at you and offer tons of harm in areas marked with reddish and others only will send explosives which have a handful of seconds to replenish and deal harm in a radius surrounding them.

In any event, you should prevent them at all costs so when you see bosses aiming at you, make an effort to lure them to the sides rather than being in the centre, because that way you can prevent them easier.

Oh and an added thing – right now there are grenades! A few of the individual enemies will toss grenades and various other high damage working stuff at you which won’t genuinely have a red tag where they arrive and explode. You can just start to see the tracks of them once they are thrown, therefore make an effort to be as a safe distance away as possible.

Tip # 5 – When you see Advert Boxes, open them!

Advert Boxes

These boxes are available once you complete an objective and they’ll appear as having a little play key below them. When you tap on them you’ll be given an advertisement to watch as soon as you complete you will get a random reward, which is pretty useful!

Certainly do this for each Advert Box you get even if you aren’t a huge fan of watching them, since the rewards could be Gems which are extremely useful if you would like to afterwards purchase some highly effective weapons.

Tip # 6 – Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia Cheats, Free Ways to get Gems

You can get Gems for free in a number of ways, therefore i will walk you through every one of them:

  • Get Gems by defeating bosses in missions
  • Get Gems by opening Advert Boxes
  • Get Gems by purchasing them from the Store with Medals
  • Open up the game’s Facebook web page and get 30 Gems

Save all of the Gems you have and don’t utilize them to rate up the procedure when you make upgrades since it’s likely to be really worth it to rather invest in boxes than accelerating stuff that you otherwise get free of charge by just waiting.


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