Epic Games Store: Surviving Mars is offered for free

Mars will become very crowded these days

Epic Games Store: Surviving Mars is offered for free

Hi, a rocket with your name goes to Mars right now. Epic Games Store continues its promotion of delivering free (which normally wouldn’t be free) games with Surviving Mars.

This game gives you the opportunity to colonize a small corner of the red planet, including rains of meteorites, sandstorms and the occasional invasion of unknown spherical entities that begin to freeze everything. Although, predominantly you will spend your time trying to build electronics and spare parts to be able to maintain the buildings you have created and the domes where humanity will live well thanks, as long as there is no crack, do not run out of water or explode any drone. A lot can happen if you play in very, very difficult environmental conditions.

As the Epic Games Store used to tell you at every promotion, the game remains yours and comes packaged with the Space Race DLC, which adds rivals, who will also colonize Mars. Lucky to realize what with all those weird dreams that suddenly appear in the sky and fall asleep a large part of the population, including the domes that were being demolished, and you can’t demolish them, although they have no air or electricity anymore, because a goddamned person went to sleep in the ruins of a decommissioned park.

Do you remember when games like that let people drown in lakes? Deh… there are no lakes on Mars unless you buy that DLC, but even then, the option still doesn’t exist. Instead, that DLC adds platypus.


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