Epic Games Store announces numbers, changes and more free games

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store will not stop offering free games anytime soon, on the contrary, this habit will continue throughout the year, according to a statement from the studio.

This statement was accompanied by a variety of store information, which you can see in the graph below, plus some other news. For example, the store received reviews. No reviews generated by the public, these are on the way, and no reviews by Metacritic, because those tend to be tabulated incorrectly. Instead, Epic uses Open Critic.

Those who are curious to find out about the finances of the store have a poster detailing the current situation. EGS currently has around 108 million users, which has spent around $ 680 million at the store. The amount is not exactly great in the context of the number of customers, but most are probably there for free games.

Epic Games Store free games

Now comes the confused side. The chart mentions that 251 million were spent on “third party” games, which would mean that the initial number of 680 million should include the titles of Epic, something that seems very small, given how much popular is Fortnite. Of course, the game is also available on every other platform under the sun, so the PC version may no longer generate billions a year as “in youth”. But overall, Fortnite still generated nearly $ 1.8 billion in profit last year.

It should also be emphasized that it is about the income, the gross amount generated by the store, not the profit. Epic did not disclose details about the costs of maintaining the store and financing the exclusive games on the platform, but the actual sale of “third party” games does not generate as much at this time.

However, this graph is predominantly meant to trust developers that money can be made in the store, even without the additional funding received from Epic.


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