Elite Dangerous prepares changes

The galaxy is gearing up for a few changes in the near future for Elite Dangerous players.

On the one hand, in December will be added massive ships that can carry entire fleets to the battlefield. On the other hand, the start-up experience will be somewhat better explained through a new tutorial that actually happens in the game, not in a separate tutorial section.

But more importantly, Elite Dangerous gets Arx.

What is Arx? A fortress from an ancient mine on a planet whose sun does not shine. But in the context of Elite Dangerous, Arx is a new coin that can be won by players through gameplay. If you start to mind hundreds of different coins with many MMOs, you can calm down … for now. Arx is meant to give players the opportunity to buy things that were available for real money only.

Elite Dangerous ARX

Specifically, cosmetics. You can win the new resource in the game so that you can spend it on painting that Sidewinder as black as the night, or making an Anaconda easier to see for enemies because you want to give them an honest fight. The new currency will be implemented from September.



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