Bethesda vs Cheaters who bypass micro-transactions

What’s the worst part about games? Those people who cheat in singleplayer, or worse, even in co-op. Instead of using the wonderful micro-transactions to which BETHESDA and Machine Games have worked hard, some choose to go through Wolfenstein Youngblood with the help of CheatEngine, to get free additional coins needed to buy skins and various other stuff piled up in the virtual shop of the game.

Bethesda vs Cheaters

At least that seems to be the position of BETHESDA. Wolfenstein Youngblood received this week an update that has “repaired” the possibility of using Cheat Engine to generate the coins that you could use at the micro-transaction store.

Among the motivations of the BETHESDA was that the use of the program in question is against the EULA, and they are absolutely right here, since they can put whatever they want in that EULA and you have no alternative but to agree with what is there. Sure, a EULA is not a legal document, and it has about as much power behind it as a banknote of 7.5 million lei, but at least presents the company’s position to the situation in question. And the position is that they don’t want to bypass the micro-transactions, because then it would be too much chance to play the way you want.

Wolfenstein Youngblood

It is worth pointing out that BETHESDA is not the only company with such practices. When Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was given the function of allowing players to create their own missions, and they began to do missions that generate tons of experience to bypass the slow progression of the game, Ubisoft rushed to ban such Missions. Finally, we are also talking about the company that sells experience and collectable resources as DLC for its games, having thought-out systems to be as slow, annoying and irritants as possible. But at least in that case, you could still use the Cheat Engine.

Remember when games not only could be changed with Cheat Engine or WinHack, but they really came up with codes that allowed the parties that you didn’t like? What barbaric times and no micro-transactions were anymore.


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