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Hello, if yesterday i write an article about tips and tricks on how to get free gold in Need for Speed ​​No Limits game, today I will show you some new ways to get free gems without using any Angry Birds 2 cheats.

angry birds 2 tips

But, before we start i will do a short history of the game:

Angry Birds is a series of video games launched by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, the first game in the series released in December 2009 on the iOS platform (Apple), and after one year was launched on Android (2010) and in 2011 on Windows Mobile. Until launch on the Android platform, over 12 million copies of the game had already been downloaded from the App Store. Due to the resounding success of the Angry Birds game series, Angry Birds 2 was released in July 2015, this is the sequel to Angry Birds and the 12th game from the series. This game is free in the Play Store and App Store, if you’re wondering, but it’s still a freemium. As a gameplay perspective, several series of levels have been added, bringing new game mechanics. Thus, besides the fan that throw the birds around, there are portals that beam the birds into different areas marked with a special colored dimensional wall. If you are not familiar with Angry Birds 2, you have to find out that the game is free, but it limits your gameplay to 5 lives. Once you’ve lost all birds in a level, you’ll need to see an ad (usually a video for a few seconds) to get another bird. You also have the option of spending gems, if you have. Also you can buy gems anytime with real money or if you are a man with patience you can wait for 30 minutes / life, which certainly many are not willing to do. Now enough with the chatter, let’s get to the job.

Tip #1 – Complete your daily tasks

angry birds 2 daily tasks cheats

Daily tasks are some of the most important methods of winning gems, with which you can take extra cards and lives. You do not have to play a lot daily to complete quests, usually they are simple missions you can simply do. Be cautious when using gems, because they will become more useful when you reach a higher level.

Tip #2 – Be friendly with others

angry birds 2 gift cheats

There are many gifts you can give or get from your Facebook friends who play Angry Birds 2. If you’re going to make a daily habit of giving gifts to friends, they will return your favor. So do not get greedy trying to get gifts from friends without giving back anything. If you do not have friends who play this game then I recommend you start recruiting, maybe who knows, you will have fun together.

Tip #3 – Save your spells

angry birds 2 spells cheats

Spells are valuable gifts that you should use on hard levels or when you are really stuck and you can not move on. Choosing a spell that you have to use can sometimes be difficult, but below you have some useful tips:

⭐️ Hot Chili – they can pick pigs hard to reach, which is perfect if they hide next to explosives.

⭐️ Golden Duck – are a good choice to remove the remains of shelters that have already been destroyed.

⭐️ Frost – can help you pass through several walls with a blue bird.

⭐️ The Pig Inflator – is particularly effective when pigs are in confined spaces, it will force them to swell and crack when they grow up.

⭐️ Mighty Eagle – will destroy everything on the screen. For maximum efficiency I recommend using them at the beginning of a level.

It’s easy to get frustrated after losing a level a few times, but if you can, keep your spells, if you do not buy gems, you’ll need them a lot later.


Since the stages have now become more or less random, the only hack you have at your disposal is winning these stages by knowing the birds you need to use. The power of each bird is explained in the tutorials and the tips between the levels, but as a quick reminder I will leave you some ideas below:

⭐️ Red birds yell is a very good way to break down strong structures.

⭐️ Chuck (the yellow bird) can break the wooden structures and as a skill has a speedy dash.

⭐️ Blue birds freeze everything

⭐️ Matilda (the white bird) throws eggs from above, which makes it very good for breaking TNT boxes placed between two other structures

⭐️ The silver bird is perfect for destroying the stone. Her special abilities (loop) can be very useful if you are well prepared.

⭐️ The black bird practically bites from the structures, is very effective against strong bases.

⭐️ Terence is a truly massive bird that can walk through several buildings, the only condition is to take advantage of the land to crush the buildings with its weight.

Tip #4 – Angry Birds 2 cheats to remove ads

angry birds 2 skip ads hack

What’s the biggest problem you’ll ever encounter in this game? No, it’s not about the difficult levels, but rather the emergence of video ads to continue when you are without birds. Often, this bird can save you from restoring the level, giving enough damage to win another card to move to the next scene. You can use this technique to save an extra life and it is certainly much better than just use gems to continue. Watching video ads also gives you extra lives when you have no more but can double your daily rewards.
A timer is not the end of the world, it only plays for another 30 minutes until you get a life back.

Angry Birds 2 Cheats – Give the clock ahead

Give the clock ahead

If you really can not wait to have time to waste before you get life, you can advance your clock on iOS or Android. How can you do that? Very simple.

For iOS:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Date & Time
  • Tap Set Automatically to set it off (if not already).
  • Tap the time at the bottom, and scroll the clock forward one hour or two.

For Android:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Date & Time.
  • Tap the box next to “Automatic” to un-check it.
  • Tap the clock and scroll the clock forward one hour or two.

This cheat will fool Angry Birds 2 as you waited for the time to receive your lives. Make sure you set your clock back to normal time after you left the game.

Got more tips? Feel free to write them in comments section below!


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